His Dick Took Me Out

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Waverly Benjamin
Waverly Benjamin
1 month ago

the bottom is the business!!! I first seen him on the Erotic Barber stuff…I instantly fell in love…but then i seen his verse…he gives and good as he gets!! This man can do no wrong, all he has to do is flash you that winning smile, and his fly ass can get anythinghe wants.. The Top is sooo freaking sexy…. I love his dick, body and booty…I really would love to see him do some solo work to kinda introduce himself a lil bit…. because he is sexy as fuck…. my attention went from one to the other with these 2… i love how he deep fucks him, and lil dude doesn’t’ run… he scooots back down on the bed so he an more of the dick… Gooootdayum!!!

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