Slut Lowkey

I Get So Lonely

Pretty Boys

If Your Girl Calls Don’t Answer

Young and Tender

We Met On Sniffies

Don’t Tempt Me Bro

Special Delivery

Let’s Skip Practice

Just Between Us

After Football Practice

I’m In Room 207

I Want You Both

In the Hallway

Let’s Risk Everything

Slutty Workout Partner

Just a Fade Homie

Dreaded Homies

He All Mine

One Phyne Mofo

Choppa and Key

Pajama Party For Two

Swhirly Bottoms

Swhirly Tops

Hot Ninjas Only

From Lips To Nips

Freaks in the Kitchen

Tongue Tricks


When Durags Collide

Because You Was Pretty

Sex in the Kitchen

Whatever His Body Needs

I Apply Pressure

You’ve Been Slutty for Years

DL Athlete

Let’s Take It To the Bedroom

Shut Up and Take It

Sexy Mofos

Top These Tatts

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