Muscle War

Intimate Afternoon

Don’t Tempt Daddy

I Get Lonely

I Didn’t Know You Were Such a Freak

Climax – Season 1 Episode 2

Things Your Girl Can’t Do

Raw Dick On Deck

Marshall Busts a Nutt

My Car Has Reclining Seats


Freaks Only

DL Preferred

Fuck Him Down

Max Konner Gets Fucked Deep By Hotrod

After the Workout

In the Rain

When I Think Of You

Can My Boys Join Us

I Never Understood Why We Broke Up

Let It Drip

Slutty Ways

I Surrender


Vers Couple

African Top

Meet Me at the Hotel

We Shouldn’t Have Done This

You Luh Goons

He Can’t Handle Black Dick

Because Pablo Strokes Had Pretty Feet

Krave vs Drummerboi

Smashed Outside Burger King

Even Though You Belong to Someone Else

Follow Daddy’s Instructions

I Felt My Walls Cave In

One Sexy Mofo

That Night My Cousin Stayed Over

Don’t Come Over Unless We Fuckin

Rhyheim Invited Me Over

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