Ricco Blacc’s Revenge

John the Construction Worker

Defeat These Cheeks

Brad Prefers Roughnecks


I Won’t Tell Anyone

This Is How We Do It

Giving Him Something He Can Feel

So Irresistible

Nights with My Bro Bro

Sexual Chocolate

Memphis Strokes

Damn You Phyne

Phatrabbitkiller vs Brazilian Couple

Rhyheim vs Gemini

Whatever Bae Needs

I’m Going to Nutt in Your Mouth

Holiday Inn Sex

Straight Dude Asks For Head

When You Moan Like That

Come and Get It

Dred Heads

I Don’t Know Exactly What They’re Doing But I Like It

Fame and Rico Pruitt

PRK vs Chino Blac

Phyne Ass Mofo

Phatrabbitkiller and the Pretty Boy

Hood Dick Hit Different

Can You Handle It

Daddy’s Got Needs

Let My Boy Watch

You Luh Verbal Tops

My Sister’s Boyfriend

We Met At the Gym

Sweet and Tender

Take Him Down

Mr Cali

I’m Gonna Fuck the Sh*t Outta You

His First Black Dick

Wreck His Hole

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