Learning to Obey the Dick

Knock the Dust Off These Cheeks

I’ve Been Stretched Open

Arsenal Fucked Us All

Kings Have Needs

Straight but Curious

Take These Cakes

He Was Drunk and Doesn’t Remember What We Did

When You’re Bad

Irresistible Dick

Booty Cream

YarddieStyle Split My Yams

Only Hood Ninjas Can Tap This Ass

Brazilian Guts

Understand Trap Requests More Dick

Verbal DL Top Ran Up In Me

Daddy Got Fired and It Made Him Horny Asf

Backseat Slut

We Broke Up Because You’re Slutty

It’s 3am and I’ll Fuck Anything

Ratchet Dick Hit Diff’rent

Whatever My Boy Wants

Unc This is Wrong

Verbal Ninja in the Woods

Daddy Digs Deep

His Girl Had Him Stressed Out

Slutty Cowboy

Because the King Said So

We Both Clapped His Cheeks

Beat It Up

Text Me Your Apartment Number

Rhyheim vs Caiorodrigues

Sometimes We Act Like a Couple

Don’t Play With Me I’m Not a PlayStation

Daddy Black Got Needs

When Booty Calls

When Tops Talk Dirty

I’m Feeling You Bro

Climb Up In It

Yella Slut

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