KeptSecret Got Deep Inside My Cheeks

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7 months ago

This would’ve been so appetizing had it not been for the constant use of the N-word. This is why I prefer to watch Brazilian and Nigerian gay porn because I don’t have to deal with Black men blindly disrespecting themselves or expressing their racial trauma. Hip-Hop has damaged the Black community in America, and it is spreading outside. When I watched all Black gay porn of the 80s and 90s, the guys didn’t speak like this, so calling each other n*gga when getting fucked came about at the height of the Hip-Hop culture.

6 months ago
Reply to  Putt

in the 80-90- white business(money) still was using trauma/ damaged blacks, as you called it. now white business(money), and now white men think its amazing to add The N WORD because this is for them to watch not Black people, this is a white man fantasy.. where else, and what time, have you seen people sell them self for food. disrespect them selfs for a group of people to watch because this white man says this is normal to use these people and finish using them.
so if your worried about the black men, speak up, or know that this man is damaged and is being paid to become a white guys dream, same with the new fake music its for them. which by the way is not hard to do,

black/eboni is the most searched one the web thanks to the non-blacks. who want to be with us.

this is out of nowhere, but this porn shit is the new music industry motivated by money from white folks, using damaged black and poor, for food.

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