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The Blackout Social Podcast


Yzmab Gets His Cheeks Beat


I Need a Soldier

He Damaged My Walls

I Thought You Were a Top

This Is All Your Fault

Black Boy Addictionz

The Weed Man Ran Up In Me

Freaky Situation

Deep Inside Smurf

He Want All the Dick

I Followed Daddy Into the Woods

Phatrabbitkiller Gutted Me

Weak for Verbal Ninjas

Sexy Staxx

Let’s Risk Everything

He Fucked Both of Us and Then He Left

Put That Goddamn Microphone Down and Suck My Dick You Corny Mofo

Slutty Ways

Curious Nephew

Yarddie Busted My Yams

Between Homies

My Feelings Tho

Let’s Skip Class and Fuck

Please Don’t Shower After We Workout

Let Me Ride

Straight Boy Lost His Job and Needed Money

Only a Total Top Can Beat These Cheeks

Unleash the Dick

Close the Door

Horny Roommates

Masked Ninja Fucks Wildcatt420

The Disrespect

She’s at Work Come Over

And Then My Hole Jumped

He’s All in My Guts

Stay the Fuck Out My Kitchen

This Sexy Mofo

My Girlfriend’s Little Brother

Neighborhood Slut

Young Buck Took Me Out

You Luh Goons

Sorry Not Sorry

The Hole Was Juicy Tho

Inside Daddy’s Briefs

The Slut in Room 207

Let’s Hoop Then Fuck

I’ll Handle This

Whatever My King Needs

Swhirly’s Cakes Tapped Out

My Walls Never Snapped Back After This Dick

Violate That Ass

Good Weed Makes Daddy Horny

You Can’t Just Run Up In Me Like This Bro

Open Relationship

He Nutted On My Face Then Kept Fuckin Me

He Got Out His Clothes and I Folded

Damn This Dick Feels Good

This Verbal Mofo Fucked Me Real Good

Dominican Boy

You Can’t Handle Black Dick

Fuck Around and Find Out

BoJackRyan Smashed Rico Pruitt

Silly Hoes

Phatrabbitkiller Snatched My Soul

If You Really Like Me Why You On Sniffies

Did He Really Put That Big Ass Dick Up In Me?

Straight and Very Curious

Relax and Let Me Hit

Massage + 2 Dicks = $150 CashApp Only

Skeet Skeet

Max Konner Got in My Guts

Nigerian Dick Remains Undefeated

Bro I’ll Pay For the Uber Just Come Now

My Boy’s Slutty Side Piece

Straight Ninja Secretly Rides Dick

His Girl Pissed Him Off So He Came Over and Beat My Cheeks

Pablo Strokes Finally Gets the Dick He Deserves

Chocolate Cakes

Verbal Top vs Everybody

High Yella Hoe

Tame That Ass

Homie Came Over and Fucked Us Both

We Horny Asf

Khi and Company

Arsenal Opened My Legs

No More Parole

His Uncut Dick Found My Second Hole

Balls Deep and Beyond

My Guts Felt That Shit

The Dick Knows What It Wants

Phatrabbitkiller Stretched Me Open

Do Not Come To My Hotel Room Unless We Fuckin

BoJackRyan x Shadoow1123

Daddy’s Home

Lil Homie Clapped My Cheeks

Andy Rodrigues x BoeJackRyan

Cousin Said He Won’t Tell Anyone

Balls Deep and It Hurts

Young and Innocent

Deep Inside UnderstandTrap

Please Fuck Me Like You Don’t Respect Me

We Ran Up in Castro

Let’s Be Romantic

A Freaky Cowboy Came To My Window

Unc Made Me Do It

A Young Buck Takes Down BoeJackRyan

I Was Horny and You Weren’t Available So…

Phatrabbitkiller Got Inside My Guts

Boe Ate My Ass

LiamCyberXXX vs Starrytwunk

Hood Ninja Gets Too Aggressive

Dark Chocolate Remains Undefeated

Unc Got Needs

Three Goons Fucked by Verbal Top

He Put My Dick in His Mouth and I Folded

Never Wake Daddy When He’s Sleeping

Because These Guts

Swhirly Gets the Dick He Deserves

Uncut and Musty

He Was On Sniffies

She Changed the Locks Can I Come Over

What If Our Team Finds Out

He Was Homeless but His Dick Was Everything

IDGAF If He’s My Sister’s Boyfriend

You Hairy Mofo

Locked Up for Nine Years

Realprincetae Smashed Properly by Xgchase

The Ass Was Magical

This Could Be Us

You Sweaty Mofo

Big Dick Tight Ass

Don’t Nutt In Me Bro

Khi Felt My Tongue and He Folded

These Cakes Surrender

Dicky Von James Invited Me Over

While It’s Still Tight

You Married Tho

I Miss This Dick Bro

Aggressive Verbal Daddy Nutted In Me

No More I Can’t Take It

Did Someone Order a Mandingo

Beefy Boys

Let the Neighbors Watch

Backshot Bros

Pablos Strokes x Daddi Decent

I Usually Don’t Do This But…

Straight Ninja Revenge Fucks His Girl

My Apartment Manager’s a Bottom

You’ll Never Be Tight Again

Slutty Yella Boy Gets Smashed

Arsenal Beat My Hairy Ass Up in the Alley

Between Us Pretty Boys

Horny Attorney

Obey This Dick

Threesome with Staxx

DL Homie Needed Money

I Smelled His Dick and I Folded

Staxxx Got Me Open

He Ripped My Boxers Off and Fucked Me Down

Young and Tender Slut

Thirsty for Dick

There’s a Verbal Top in the Park

Come and Get It

Behind Bars

Arsenal Took Me Down

Cousin is Out of Control

Learning to Obey the Dick

Come By After You Workout

His Ass Taste Like Cinnamon

Hood Dick Hit My Guts Diff’rent

Seeing My Boy Take Dick Kinda Hurt My Feelings

Unc Fucked Me Before Work

Inside My Yella Yams

Slutty for No Reason

Knock the Dust Off These Cheeks

Why Am I the Only Bottom

The Return of Jovonnie

Nigerian Boy with Grown-Ass Man Dick

I’ve Been Stretched Open

Daddy Ate My Cakes and I Folded

Daddy Said Bend Over

Drunk Homeless Man with Uncut Dick Fucked Me in My Tent

Arsenal Fucked Us All

I Invited More Ninjas Because You Ain’t Enough

Don’t Trick Me

Let’s Turn Off the Lights and Be Intimate

Kings Have Needs

I Can’t Get Enough

Straight but Curious

My Girl Kicked Me Out Can I Come Over

Take These Cakes

3am Slut

He Was Drunk and Doesn’t Remember What We Did

This Ninja Damaged My Cakes

When You’re Bad

IDGAF If You’re Sore

Irresistible Dick

Booty Cream

YarddieStyle Split My Yams

Only Hood Ninjas Can Tap This Ass

Brazilian Guts

Understand Trap Requests More Dick

Verbal DL Top Ran Up In Me

Daddy Got Fired and It Made Him Horny Asf

Backseat Slut

We Broke Up Because You’re Slutty

It’s 3am and I’ll Fuck Anything

Ratchet Dick Hit Diff’rent

Whatever My Boy Wants

Unc This is Wrong

Verbal Ninja in the Woods

Daddy Digs Deep

His Girl Had Him Stressed Out

Slutty Cowboy

Because the King Said So

We Both Clapped His Cheeks

Beat It Up

Text Me Your Apartment Number

Rhyheim vs Caiorodrigues

Don’t Play With Me I’m Not a PlayStation

Daddy Black Got Needs

When Booty Calls

When Tops Talk Dirty

I’m Feeling You Bro

Climb Up In It

Yella Slut

Ninja Made My Toes Curl

Something’s Going On in Room 207

Dick Only No Romance

Deep Inside His Guts

Daddy’s Nasty Side

Headlocked and Fucked

You’ve Been Bad

Let’s Both Dig Him Out

Nigerian Boy Gets Dicked Down

That Tatted Mofo

These Guts Will Never Forgive You

Freaky Friday

He Needed Money

After He Dug Me Out I Never Heard From Him Again

In Love With a Straight Ninja

Masked Man in My Guts

Straight Ass Gets Pegged

Our Deacon is Out of Control

My Ribs Tho

When Stepfathers Attack

His Dick Took Me Out

Daddy’s Dick Was Curved

Dick Appreciation

Castro Invited Me Over

Between Me and Daddy

The Landlord Came to Collect

I Only Fuck Girls Tho

My Red Jockstrap

Straight Ninja in My Guts

I Don’t Give a Fuck If It Hurts

Curious Hot Boy

Raw Dick Preferred

Some Type of Way

Stroke Game Verified

I Got One Too

Freaky Cabin

So Tight and Tender

Phatrabbitkiller Clapped My Cakes

A Creamy Situation

I Had To Let Him Hit

Young Buck

Understand Trap Gets Dug Out

Let’s Get Drunk and Fuck

From Head to Toes

Mister Bolden Takes Whatever He Wants

Vacation Dick

It Won’t Be Tight When I’m Finished

You Me and He

Freaky Pajama Party

Slutted While My Boy Watched

Don’t Run From the Dick

DL Top. Can’t Host. Travel Only.

Max Konner Gets His Yams Snatched By Boe Jack

Obey Your King

Goon Dick Preferred

When We Do What We Do

His Cheeks Surrendered

If Our Girls Ever Find Out

I’m Catching Feelings

Cousin Takes What He Wants

But You Cheated On Me

Don’t Tease Me Bro

Will My Walls Survive

You Luh Ratchet Boys

KeptSecretxxx Invaded My Cakes

Three Chocolate Tops One Yella Bottom

Restroom Hoes

Homie Couldn’t Resist

Meet Me After Basketball Practice

Heavy D

Personal Trainers Only

He Was Verbal and Aggressive and My Cheeks Just Opened Up

A World Without Tops

My Sister’s Boyfriend Got Dick

These Cheeks Have Needs

Straight Boys Taste Diff’rent

There’s a Meeting in My Bedroom

Yams For Dinner

Marshall, What Are You Doing?

Straight but Damn

Couples Only

After We Fuck Don’t Ever Invite Him Over Here Again

Roommates with Benefits

More Lube Brah

Whatever His Body Needs

Don’t Argue with Daddy

Horny After Workout

Right Here Right Now

Barber Sexy Asf

Dark Chocolate Preferred

He Found My Second Hole

I Really Don’t Care Who Sees Us

Cream In Me

Behind Closed Doors

Alone At Last

I Can Host

The Plug Next Door

Phatrabbitkiller Disrespected Me

Walls Be Gone

In the Woods

I Just Broke Up with My Girl So Come Over

Dicky Von James

Shwirly x Ty Santana

Straight but Damn

Daddy Might Tap Out

Plug Ran Up In Me

Let’s Be Intimate

Ain’t No Way

Caramel Cakes

He Swallow It

I Usually Don’t Bottom For Yella Ninjas Tho

Don’t Lie to Daddy

He’s Straight But…

In Our Feelings

Tell No One

Talk Dirty to Me

Inside Swhirly’s Guts

Rhyheim Folded

Let the Homies Have Some

Leave Your Glasses On

I Had a Feeling His Dick Was Good

You Luh Verbal Ninjas

Let’s DP His Ass

Dark Berry

Massage + Dick = $120 (Zelle Only)

Punish His Ass

Max Conner’s Freaky Side Piece

Cash App Me $20 Then Maybe

In the Basement

I Can’t Breathe Tho

Whatever You Need Homie

Head Games

Stretch Me Out

Don’t Haze Me Bro

If You’re “Generous” Then Maybe

Bigger Than You Thought

Slut Lowkey

Cakes Disrespected

Grip This Dick

Don’t Tap Out

My Girl’s Little Brother

Hurry Before She Gets Home

I Get So Lonely

“Total Top” Gets Fucked

His Voice Made Me Do Things

Slutted Out Before School

Legs Wide Open at 2am

Daddy’s Favorite

Pretty Boys

Khi Lavene Invited Me Over

If Your Girl Calls Don’t Answer

DL Bottom Needs Poppers

Hood Ninja Preferred

Young and Tender

I Called Max Konner a Bottom and He Topped My Ass

Pay the Rent

Daddy Ran Up In Me

Balls Deep

We Met On Sniffies

A Ninja in Black Beat My Cakes

Cam Couple

Gak in My Guts

Don’t Tempt Me Bro

Fucked at the Spa

Morning Wood

My Uncut Neighbor

Special Delivery

Grown Men Only

Verbal Top Sluts Me Out

After We Left the Gym

Daddy Wants My Attention

IDGAF About Your Girl

Just Between Us

Freaky Mofos

All Up In My Guts

After Football Practice

Dick Me Down

On Your Knees

Can You Come Through Tonight

That Kinda Hurts Bro

DL Forever

Oil Me Up Rub Me Down

Wicked Stroke

Let’s Tag Team His Ass

I’m In Room 207

I Want You Both

GakTrizzy Invited Me Over

The Smell and the Taste of His Dick

Don’t Catch Feelings

In the Hallway

Let’s Risk Everything

69 Ways

Two Daddies Are Better Than One

Slutty Workout Partner

A Total Top

Just a Fade Homie

Swhirly Invited Me Over

Intimacy Preferred

Dreaded Homies

Wussup I’m Horny Asf

Bathroom Slut

This Dick Belongs To Me

You Aggressive

Drunk Sex Remains Undefeated

He All Mine

Yella Boy Threesome

Horny After the Gym

One Phyne Mofo

After We Fuck Please Leave Atlanta

Skeet In Me

Choppa and Key

Yarddie Invaded My Yams

My Boy and My Side Piece

Pajama Party For Two

Deep Inside Understand Trap

My Cheeks Needed This

The Face of Phatrabbitkiller

Swhirly Bottoms

My Favorite Unc

Swhirly Tops

And Then He Ran Up In Me

Phatrabbitkiller Gutted My Guts

I Luh Daddy

African Dick

Yarddie Damaged My Yams

I Only Fuck With Total Tops

DL Top Next Door

Gay For Pay

Rico In His Feelings

Unfinished Business

Phatrabbitkiller Prefers These Cheeks

I Want You Both To Nutt On My Face

That Second Hole

Haitian Boy

Chocolate Mofos Only

Taco Meat Top

What Have You Done To My Cakes

CashApp Me First Then Maybe

Verbal Mofo

Gut Me Son

Why You Always So Damn Horny

There’s Something About Daddy

IDGAF About Your New Sofa

Muscle Couple

Lick Me

Phatrabbitkiller’s Dick Made Me Cream

While Your Boy Is Sleeping

Hot Ninjas Only

Don’t Make Me Beg

The Weed Man Always Gets What He Wants

Rhyheim Got In Between My Thighs

From Lips To Nips

Boys From Brazil

Max Konner Gets His Guts Scrambled

His Dick Was Disrespectful

Daddy Takes Whatever He Wants

First Let Me Blaze Then Maybe

I Couldn’t Resist

Freaks in the Kitchen

Split Him Open

I Don’t Want To Share You

Smoke Then Stroke

We Met in Front of Kmart

Cheeks Challenged

When Plugs Need Love

Phatrabbitkiller Fucks Tae

Community Slut

Swhirly Gets Sweaty

Max Konner Requests More Dick

Deep Inside Mister Bolden

Khi Lavene vs Phatrabbitkiller

His Cheeks Had No Choice


Yzmab Gets His Yams Clapped

I’m Only Here To Skeet

Throat Goat

Nigerian Massage

I Said Don’t Nutt in Me

Only If You Braid My Hair

Verbal Tops Preferred

Some Head Before You Clock In

Yams Snatched

After We Fuck Please Unfollow Me

Philly Dick Hit Diff’rent

When Durags Collide

Mister Bolden Finally Gets His Cheeks Stabbed

Be Gentle Bro

My Ankle Bracelet Is None of Your Damn Business

Because You Was Pretty

Santa On Brick

Sex in the Kitchen

Plug Was Stressed

His Cakes Never Recovered

Chocolate Cake

My Personal Trainer Is a Freak

Sometimes a Hookup Gets Too Freaky

When the Ass Talks Back

The Dorm Room at the End of the Hall

Knockout Invited Me Over

His Dick Took Me Out

I’ll Give You Some If You Give Me Some

Because These Guts

Deep Inside My Yella Cakes

I Nutted So Hard

Whatever His Body Needs

Black Dick Remains Undefeated

Daddy’s Home for the Holidays

Yarddie x Kellington

Max Konner Gets Fucked These Days

Snooty Fox Room 207

Come Over and Split My Cheeks

Unc Won’t Tell

DL Ninjas Only

Slob On This

Somebody’s Son Will Get Fucked Tonight

You Luh Hood Dick

Behind Closed Doors

The Rough Side of Phatrabbitkiller

I Apply Pressure

One of Us Is a Bottom and It Ain’t Me

If You Catch Feelings, I’m Leaving

Guts Interrupted

His Ass Deserved It

Daddy Takes What He Wants

You’ve Been Slutty for Years

Feelings Got Involved

Just Homies

You’re Aggressive Bro

Phatrabbitkiller Fucked Me and My Boyfriend

The King Wants Some Dick

Dick with a Curve

His Ass Tho

Plug Don’t Play

Suddenly He Walked Into My Hotel Room

Phatrabbitkiller Got Me Open

The Verbal Top Slutted Me Out

Meet Me at the Hotel

My Plug’s a Bottom

I Like It Tight

I Touch My Tatts

Juicy Booty

We’re Out of Lube

DL Athlete

It All Started in the Bathroom

The Boyfriend Experience

His Dick Felt So Damn Good

Unc Always Knew I Fucked Around

I Was a Total Top Before We Met

What Happens in Prison Stays in Prison

My Girlfriend’s Brother

Shut Up and Take It

After We Fuck Please Don’t Call Me Again

My Barber Is Freaky

My Stomach Tho

Sexy Mofos

Prepare to Get Dug the Fuck Out

Surrender Them Guts

We Were All Horny That Day

Top These Tatts

Mister Bolden Invited Me Over

Obey the Dick

I Got Needs

There’s Another Way To Pay the Weed Man

Massage + Dick = $250

Phatrabbitkiller’s Penthouse

My Plug Prefers Ass

Morning Sex Remains Undefeated

I Invited a Third

Balls Deep

Make Daddy Proud

If Daddy Needs Me

The Tatted Boy Next Door

Open Wide

If She Ever Finds Out

Do You See What I See?

Tonight I’m All Yours

You’ve Been Slutty For Too Long

He Wore a White Durag

Kingpin Invited Me Over

Daddy’s Uncut

Because He Was Hairy

Pull the Car Over

The Weed Man Snatched My Cheeks

Tag Team

Let’s Teach Him How To Take Dick

Straight but Damn

We Met at Blackout

I’m Freaky

He Ran Up In My Guts For Over An Hour

Obey These Tatts

Your Walls Will Never Be Tight Again

Delicious Head

The Unicorn Knew Me So He Blew Me

Community Booty

Whatever You Do, Please Don’t Cum On My Face

Your Guts Said Yes

You Shouldn’t Be Here

Bro That Hurts

Only If My Boy Can Watch

Vers Sex Remains Undefeated

Latino Wants Black Dick

It’s Time For You To Bend Over

KeptSecret Got Deep Inside My Cheeks

Phatrabbitkiller Scrambled My Guts

RastaDikk Gets Dicked

Come Play With It

Surrender These Cheeks

My Spine Tho

Phatrabbitkiller Said My Waves Turned Him On

Deep Smash Orgy

My Feelings Tho

Verbal Roughneck

Clip: Pretty Shy

Tastes As Good As It Looks

Do Whatever the King Says

After the Workout

Daddy’s Durag

Before I Knew It My Legs Were Wide Open

On Your Knees Yella Boy

Don’t Tell Anyone About What We Do

He Just Kept On Pounding Me

Bald and Bold

Freaky Classroom

Ty Santana Invited Us Over

My Ninja Got Dick


You’ll Ride Anything

Between Bros

Your Walls Are in Danger

Phatrabbitkiller Made Me Bend Over

The Hot Boy Was Slutty

We Shouldn’t Be Doing This

Caught in the Act

Because Daddy Said So

I Always Wanted You

Freaky Friday

Dread Heads

Make It Feel Better

Rastadikk Took My Guts

Bad Twerkers

Straight but Damn

Please Be Gentle

Rhyheim vs The Unicorn

Daddy Black Took Me Out

Stop Fuckin Your Cellmate

Oh So Thirsty

If You Don’t, I’m Telling the Warden

Phatrabbitkiller’s Revenge

The Night Rhyheim Wanted Some Dick

Pink Paradise

YarddieStyle Damaged My Walls

Please Don’t Put All That Dick in My Ass

Between These Knees

Community Booty

Let Me Hit

Something’s Going On in Cell Block 8

Roxas Invited Me Over

But First Eat My Ass

I’m So Ashamed

Every Inch of This Dick is Going In Your Ass

Hood Dick Taste Diff’rent

Control Yourself

It Was Uncut and It Kinda Hurt

We Were All Horny That Day

Whatever Happens Next Stays Between Us

Straight but Damn

His Tongue Was Magical

Chocolate Men Preferred

Choppa and Key

Daddy Likes Toys

Max Konner’s Gym Buddy

Guts Disrepected

My Sister’s Boyfriend

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