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The Blackout Social Podcast

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Rastadikk Took My Guts

Stop Fuckin Your Cellmate

Phatrabbitkiller’s Revenge

Pink Paradise

Please Don’t Put All That Dick in My Ass

Between These Knees

Watch Him Get Slutted

Community Booty

Beg For It

Let Me Hit

Whenever We Kiss

Something’s Going On in Cell Block 8

Drop Them Draws

Roxas Invited Me Over

But First Eat My Ass

I’m So Ashamed

Every Inch of This Dick is Going In Your Ass

Homeless Top

Chocolate Cake

Hood Dick Taste Diff’rent

We Met in Piedmont Park

Stick It In My Ignition

Control Yourself

These Cheeks Have Needs

Get Up Off My Back I’m Late for Work

The Goon Was Lonely

Stroke Game Verified

You’ve Been Slutted

Barber Freaky

Wide Open Thighs

It Was Uncut and It Kinda Hurt

Horny After Hoops

We Were All Horny That Day

My Nips Tho

Whatever Happens Next Stays Between Us

Straight but Damn

His Tongue Was Magical

My Cakes Will Obey

Chocolate Men Preferred

Community Dick

You Always Got a Dick in Your Mouf

Choppa and Key

I Can’t Resist

The Weed Man Had Good Dick

Zesty Bottom

Tatted and Taken

I’m a Bottom and I’m Mobile

Daddy Likes Toys

Black Tarzan X Goes Ham

Slutted and Gutted

Max Konner’s Gym Buddy

Guts Disrepected

My Body All Over Your Body

I’m Freaky

Clean It Out Real Good Then Come Over

My Sister’s Boyfriend

Who Invited Marky Mark?

Weekend Side Piece

Bro Wake Up, I’m Horny

Don’t Trick Me

Drummerboi Requests Some Dick

Deadpool Is a Bottom

African Threesome

Man to Man

He Said He Wants Both of Us

His Boxers Stayed On

Whenever We Kiss

Find You a Verbal Top

Sweet Sexy Caramel

Gym Rats

Mister Bolden Invited Me Over

It’s Never Too Big

The Cowboy Wants To Hit

It Melts in Your Mouf

And Then He Climbed Up On My Back

You Make Me Nervous

Straight but Damn

I’ve Been Catfished

Enter These Guts

Let’s Take It To the Bedroom

You Luh Dick

Fuck or Fight

Diamond Dick x Almighty Lipz

After the After Party

DL Tops Only

We Exchanged Tongues

After We Fuck, Lose My Number

Tonight I Want Some Pussy

Oh So Sweaty

We Fucked and Then I Never Heard From Him Again

Deep Cheeks

Making Ends Meet

Muscle Daddy Doesn’t Give a Damn About My Feelings

Hurry Before She Walks In

On Your Knees

I Nutted So Much I Almost Passed Out

Sometimes When I’m Alone

Kiing Swole

Rhyheim v Boe Jack Ryan

Whatever You Do, Please Don’t Cum On My Face

My Insides Tho

He Walked In and Took Off All His Clothes

Relax Bro

Drunk and Horny Asf

Hit It and Quit It

Max Konner Invited Me Over

Suddenly His Cheeks Were Open

Black Dick Preferred

My Homie Might Get Jealous

Don’t Ever Cheat On Me Again

Thick and Hairy

You Luh Verbal Tops

Don’t Cum In Me Bro

Daddy Likes What He Sees

The Pretty Boy Next Door

Let’s Risk It All

That Second Hole

I Thought I Could Take Dick But I Can’t

Take It Like a Man

Snatched That Ass

Black Tarzan X Wants To Rub Dicks

Double Penetration

Do Whatever the Roughneck Says

DL Dick Hit Diff’rent

Our Girls Will Never Know

I’ll Let You Hit

Phatrabbitkiller Opened My Cheeks and Dicked Me Down

Please Don’t Fuck Me While He’s Here

Sex On the Beach

Let’s Go Outside

Obey the Dick

Slapped Choked and Fucked

Thick Mofo

Friends with Serious Benefits

Don’t Resist Bro

Room Service

If It Ain’t Hood I Don’t Want It

Sexy Mofo

A Hole Blown Open

African Slims

Bro That’s Too Deep

Too Many Tops

I Don’t Care Who Sees Us

My Sister’s Boyfriend

Fucked in Prison

Let the Goon Watch

He Ran Up In Me

Keptsecretxxx Invited Me Over

Deep Inside These Guts

We Can’t Fuck But I’ll Let You Eat My Ass

You Know What They Say About Slim Dudes

Leave Your Girl At Home

Oochie Wally Wally

Down He Goes

Keptsecretxxx Had a Party

More Than Just Homies

That Good Jamaican Dick

They Met at the Bus Stop

Sometimes Group is Better

The Goon Bottomed

After the Workout

YarddieStyle Takes the Cakes

She Likes It in the Ass

You Can Suck It But Don’t Fuck Up My Game

Do Not Disturb

I’m Fuckin You Tonight

Let’s Fuck While He’s Asleep

Daddy’s Hairy Ass

Hotel Sex Hit Different

You Deserve This Dick

Can You Host?

He Wore a Blue Durag

Pablo Strokes Came Over

A Night with Mister Bolden

Phatrabbitkiller Made Me Wear a Dog Collar

These Guts Belong to Me

On the DL

Straight but Damn

Who’s Your Daddy

DL Preferred

Don’t Cum On My Face

Hot Boys On Cam

Please Take Me With You

Dick Him Down

One More Time Before We Check Out

Hold His Legs Open Till I’m Finished

Coffee and Cream

We’re Both Vers

Ass Mos Definitely Assing

Slutty Blonde

Boe Jack Ryan Gets Smashed

The Tongue Was Magical

We Like Feets

Phatrabbitkiller Fucked My Yellow Ass

Forget All About Her

When Daddies Collide

I Knew You Were a Slut the Moment I Saw You

If It’s Still Tight We Can Fuck

Only Rhyheim Can Have This Ass

Car Smash

You Luh the Weed Man

The Playboy Cabin Part 1

A Hole Blown Open

The Playboy Cabin Part 2

Stretch Me Out

Hungry For Dick

Put Your Lips On It

Fame + Groot

Virgin Ass So He Say

Come Over, I’m Horny

Please Be Gentle

Don’t Make Me Beg

My Barber Is Out of Control

Poppers Won’t Save You

Suck My Dick While I Think About Someone Else

Deep Down Inside

Scramble His Guts

It Hurts Bro

Hey, You Need Some Dick?

Fucked in the Laundry Room

You Shall Be Fucked

Let’s Shower Together

We Got a Room for Three Hours

The Hunter

Shawty Wanted the Dick

Fucked and Creamed

Nobody Has To Know

Prince x Roxas

One Dick Is Not Enough

Rhyheim Got Me Open

I Invited Some Friends

Sharing is Caring

King Kardashian

Cookies and Cream

The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World

Roxas Caelum Invited Me Over

Slob On It

Fuck or Fight

Brazilian Boy

Phatrabbitkiller Did Freaky Things To Me

My Favorite Side Piece

Lick It and Stick It

Punish That Ass

Krave Came Over

Fame x Krave

Let’s Beat His Cheeks

Masked Bandit

I Want All the Dick

All Over Your Face

Let’s Get Kinky

Rico Pruitt x Xgchase

Private Show

You Don’t Know How It Feels

Rhyheim Takes Him Down

Verse Masquerade

And Then He Climbed Up In Me

Fifty Shades of Black

Damage Him!

Don’t Play With Me, I’m Not a PlayStation

Let’s Teach His Ass a Lesson

Y’all Twins Tho

Boys Will Be Boys

Phatrabbitkiller Snatched My Soul

Hazel Eyes

Cheeks Beat in Prison

YarddieStyle Fucked Me in the Car

You Freaky Mofo

He Wore a Yellow Durag

Full Video: Gak Trizzy Gets Fucked

Markel & Monty

Deep Down Inside

That Ass Better Be Tight

Straight Boy Gets His Dick Sucked

There’s a Meeting in My Bedroom

His Ass Was So Tender

Spread Open

Somebody Gotta Suck My Dick

This Ain’t HBO

On the Stairs

This Ain’t Netflix

My Favorite Goon

Straight but Damn

Slim Jims

We’re Both Vers


I Need a Massage


You Luh Gym Rats

Fucked in the Shower

I Got Us a Room

Philly Boyz

Train His Ass

Holiday Inn Room 204

You Got Me Open

Pay the Weed Man

Fucked in the Garage

My Doctor Is a Freak

Daddy Does It Better

Get in the Back of This U-Haul Truck and Shut the Fuck Up

Because These Guts

Daddy Takes What He Wants

The Side Piece

All Over Your Back

Fucked in the Bookstore

Inside Mixed Booty

My Freaky Uncle

Slut Me Out

Cousin Won’t Tell

Preview: Before My Girl Gets Home

Suddenly Last Summer

Bedroom Eyes

You Give Good Head

Bros Before Hoes

Intimate Personal Trainer

Cream Don’t Scream

His Cheeks Deserved It

Yarddiestyle vs Rico Pruitt

College Boys

He Just Kept Pounding Me

Slutty Friend

Let’s Skip Class

Muscle War

The Weed Man Was Horny

If Your Girl Only Knew

Chocolate Cake

I Came Back For More

An Open Relationship

Make Me Cum

Intimate Afternoon


You’ve Been a Goon For So Long

Hung Daddy

My Guts Tho

Don’t Tempt Daddy

Inside Pablo Strokes

I Get Lonely

I Didn’t Know You Were Such a Freak

A Little Henny

Climax – Season 1 Episode 2

Homie Gave Up His Cakes

Things Your Girl Can’t Do

He Luh Suckin Dick

He is Everything

Raw Dick On Deck

The Dick Was Magical

Marshall Busts a Nutt

Pounding Pops

My Car Has Reclining Seats


Freaks Only

DL Preferred

Fuck Him Down

Max Konner Gets Fucked Deep By Hotrod

After the Workout

In the Rain

When I Think Of You

Can My Boys Join Us

I Never Understood Why We Broke Up

Let It Drip

Slutty Ways

I Surrender


Vers Couple

African Top

Meet Me at the Hotel

We Shouldn’t Have Done This

You Luh Goons

He Can’t Handle Black Dick

Because Pablo Strokes Had Pretty Feet

Krave vs Drummerboi

Smashed Outside Burger King

Even Though You Belong to Someone Else

Follow Daddy’s Instructions

I Felt My Walls Cave In

One Sexy Mofo

That Night My Cousin Stayed Over

Don’t Come Over Unless We Fuckin

Rhyheim Invited Me Over

That Night At the Marriott

Daddy’s Day Off

Subway Slut

Smurf vs Diamond Dick

Taken From Behind

Two Dicks Are Better Than One

You’re Aggressive

We Met at 24 Hour Fitness

My Guts Tho

Them Philly Boyz

You All Mine

A Quickie Before Work

My New Socks

Black Tarzan X

African Boys

I’m Only Here For Head

I Will Obey

Wake Up Bro I’m Horny

Cheeks Defeated

Damage Him

Rhyheim Has Requested Your Company

Cakes Invaded

Phatrabbitkiller Is in the Hotel

No Names, No Faces

You’ve Been a Slut Ever Since I Met You

Grip Be Gone

All Because My Benz Was Rimmed Up

When the Bottom is Hung

My Barber is Out of Control

Kissing Cousins

Whenever He Hits Me

Don’t Play With Me, I’m Not a PlayStation

I Said Just the Tip Tho

If You’re Reading This I’ve Already Fucked Your Boy

Stroke Game Verified

He Was Homeless But the Sex Was Lit

Unc Won’t Tell

What Have You Done To Me

Side Pieces

Teach That Ass a Lesson

On Your Knees Please

The Ass Was So Tender

Bow Down

Fuck It Get Undressed

KeptSecret Takes Him Down

How the Fuck Did You Get in My House


I Can’t Take You Anywhere

Back That Ass Up

He Got Options

Wicked Dick

Somebody Else’s Man

Take It Like a Man

Stroking Pablo Strokes

Deep Inside His Pretty Ass

The Married Man Next Door

All Over Your Face


Don’t Tell Bae

You Luh Older Men

Lick It Then Stick It

Rhyheim Snatched My Soul

Daddy Understands

Blow My Back Out

Suck and Fuck Part 1

Suck and Fuck Part 2

I’m Freaky

Hershey Bar

Swhirly vs Malcolmxxx

Krave Came Over

Cakes Clapped

Daddy’s Not Pleased

More Than Just Homies


Dick So Good Your Legs Will Shake

Philly Boyz

Please Be Gentle

Because These Tatts

Masked Men

Phatrabbitkiller Attacks

Why Is Your Ex Here

Armani and Ray

Can You Handle It

We Met At the Gym

Classic Video: Castro Gets Fucked

The Nerd Had a Freaky Side

Rhyheim’s Orgy

You a Goon

Bend Over

We Met At the Gym

Break It Down

Dick Tease

The Weed Man is Hung

He’s Aggressive

Grindr Boys

This Dick Needs Some Attention

Brazilian Booty

Sharing is Caring

Down You Go

Daddy’s Out of Prison

The Things I’m Gonna Do to You

Mister Bolden vs RastaDikk

The Disrespect

Stress Reliever

You’re Just a Side Piece

Don’t Tell My Homie

Let’s Get Freaky

Teaching Him How to Take Dick

Slide That Tongue Inside

Rear Entry

Go Easy Daddy

I’ll Slap You If I Feel Like It

Show Me How

Preview: His Ass Had Something To Say

Hood Dick

I Fux with Dudes Like You


When the Link is Fire

One Sexy Mofo

Don’t Trick Me

I Want Muscles

Let’s Get a Room

Eat It First

Oh So Hairy

I Don’t Know What’s Going On Here But It’s Sexy Asf

Whatever His Body Needs

All Over Your Face

Masculine Bottom

Daddy’s Got Needs

The Basketball Player

Something He Can Feel

Pablo Strokes Gets Taken

He So Horny


I’ll Handle This

Inside Drummerboi

Because These Pecs

Rim Him

Fucking the Landlord

Sword Fight

You Luh Trade

Booty Bandit

Take It Like a Man

Armani Flexxx and Dre Dre


Deep Smashed

He Only Wanted a Massage

Group Therapy

Serious Freaks Only

I Like It Rough

Take Off Your Jersey

Cakes Invaded

Ricco Blacc’s Revenge

Khaos Leon

The Dick You Need

Obey These Tatts

John the Construction Worker

Flip Fuck

Defeat These Cheeks

Ass Punished

Brad Prefers Roughnecks

Trunk vs Montayy


I Won’t Tell Anyone

This Is How We Do It

Giving Him Something He Can Feel

So Irresistible

Nights with My Bro Bro

Sexual Chocolate

Memphis Strokes

Damn You Phyne

Phatrabbitkiller vs Brazilian Couple

Rhyheim vs Gemini

Whatever Bae Needs

I’m Going to Nutt in Your Mouth

Holiday Inn Sex

Straight Dude Asks For Head

When You Moan Like That

Come and Get It

Dred Heads

I Don’t Know Exactly What They’re Doing But I Like It

Fame and Rico Pruitt

PRK vs Chino Blac

Phyne Ass Mofo

Phatrabbitkiller and the Pretty Boy

Hood Dick Hit Different

Can You Handle It

Daddy’s Got Needs

Let My Boy Watch

You Luh Verbal Tops

My Sister’s Boyfriend

We Met At the Gym

Sweet and Tender

Take Him Down

Mr Cali

Straight Boy in Pink Hoodie

I’m Gonna Fuck the Sh*t Outta You

His First Black Dick

Wreck His Hole

Thought We Were a Couple

The Neighbors Finally Caught Him

Split Me Open

Let the Bear Watch

Where Does It Hurt

Tastes As Good As It Looks

Hot and Hairy

Krave Invasion

Aggressive Top

Never Wear This Again

Let the Neighbors Watch

Andy and Rhyheim

No More Secrets

Head Games

Pablo Gives Up the Cakes

Dick and Ass Was Everywhere

A Night with Phatrabbitkiller

Damage Him

You a Beast

J Kream

When We Blaze

You Luh Twinks

Yella Boy


Your Green Eyes Turned Me On

I Didn’t Know You Was a Tranny

Beat Cheeks

When the Dick Takes Control

That Good Jamaican Dick

Straight but Damn

Loosen Up Bro

What’s In Them Shorts


Bigger Than Expected

Slut Me Out

The Cowboy

Dick from Africa

He Only Fuck Women


Knee-Deep in His Cheeks

Phatrabbitkiller Fucks Rhyheim

Tied Up For the Evening

The Verbal Top

Muscle Men

Daddy’s Coming Over


Somebody’s Son

Open Your Mouf

When I Wear This Mask

Keptsecretxxx vs Pretty Boy Dreas

The Africans

Don’t Act Brand New

You Luh Goons

The Boy in the Red Cap

Leave Your Slides On

PRK Takes His Cheeks

Don’t Pull Out

Bow Down

Good Dick Is Hard To Find

Nightcrawlers Promo

The Dick Snatched His Soul

My Walls Invaded

Thug Dick Hit Diff’rent

Stroke Game Verified

That Night Rico Pruitt and Fame Came Over

I Came Here To See Just What You Got

Straight Homie Loves Head

Venom’s Freaky Side

I’ll Bottom for You Tho

Straight Jamaican Gets Some Head

Can My Homie Join In

Goons Only

Things Your Man Won’t Do

Momma Ain’t Home

You Belong to Someone Else

Started Off As Homies

The Very Hairy

Feelings Got Involved

Indian Guts

The Gutting of Life


Gettin It In

Dick On Demand

Whatever You Say Daddy

Dick Appreciation

More Than Just Roommates

It’s Been So Long

When We Collide

Straight but Damn

Bubble-Butt Bottom Boy

10 Mins Before We Check Out

My Walls Tho

Daddy’s Day Off

Cutie with Tight Booty

What Happens in the ATL

Two Chocolate Drops

Head Like a Pro

When Slim Boys Attack

Khi and Krave

My Girl Doesn’t Know

All the Way In

Big Dick Bottom Boy

Whatever You Need

Gak and Company

Meet Me in the Bathroom at the Mall

Bisexual Battle

Sign Me Up Mofo I’ll Work for Free

He’s Verbal

Leave Your Hat On

Pretty Boy Likes It Rough